[PATCH openbmc] HWMON: Add OCC hwmon driver v5

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Mon Jan 11 18:10:18 AEDT 2016

This patch add a hwmon driver for BMC to monitor POWER CPU sensors
via OCC (On-Chip-Controller).

This patch will finally be integrated into Linux Kernel after the review process.
The "occ_hwmon.patch" will be temporarily used for testing.

Changes for this version:
1. Fixed checkpatch.pl warnings and errors.
2. Fixed issue from Joel Stanley's review.
3. Add a new sysfs interface: '/sys/class/i2c-adaptor/i2c-x/x-yyyy/online',
to notify the driver OCC is active.
4. Use device table to instantiate the occ-i2c device.
5. Add a new hwmon sysfs interface: '/sys/class/hwmon/hwmonX/user_powercap',
to send "Set User Power Cap" command to OCC.
6. Enable the occ-i2c driver for both Palmetto and Barreleye.

Updated the wiki document for the change:


Yi Li (1):
  HWMON: Add OCC hwmon driver

 .../linux/linux-obmc/occ_hwmon.patch               | 1517 ++++++++++++++++
 .../recipes-kernel/linux/linux-obmc/palmetto.cfg   |    1 +
 .../recipes-kernel/linux/linux-obmc_%.bbappend     |    1 +
 .../linux/linux-obmc/occ_hwmon.patch               | 1898 ++++++++++----------
 4 files changed, 2444 insertions(+), 973 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 meta-openbmc-machines/meta-openpower/meta-ibm/meta-palmetto/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-obmc/occ_hwmon.patch


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