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Thu Aug 11 04:58:42 AEST 2016

On Tue, Aug 09, 2016 at 11:29:14PM +0000, Chris Austen wrote:
>  I should know the answer to this but is inarp the only way to programmatically discover an ip is an OpenBMC system?  

inarp allows you to determine the ip address from a MAC address. To the
best of my knowledge, it doesn't tell you anything about what is running
on the machine.  There isn't any way to know that it is an openbmc machine
just by looking at the result of the inarp packet.

> Any desire for Avahi or something else?  

I had a request today from IBM manufacturing tools to support SLP
because the FSP currently does.  They want to have a well-supported way
to determine if a machine is FSP-based or [open]BMC-based so that they
can use a different toolset.

Avahi is a zeroconf daemon that uses DNS-SD.  There are a few SLP
daemon options also.

From a greater openBMC perspective, I think it makes sense for us to add
a Yocto FEATURE support for both SLP and DNS-SD/Avahi.  We would use this
FEATURE to add configure flags to some of the userspace applications,
like the REST and console servers, so that they register properly with
Avahi and SLP as appropriate.

Patrick Williams
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