Tools tarball.

Patrick Williams patrick at
Sat Aug 6 12:12:13 AEST 2016

We had an issue open to create a tools image we can load onto the
systems:  I implemented
this today and the code is up in Gerrit.  This allows us to add tools to
a tarball that is generated by a new image "obmc-phosphor-debug-tarball"
and that image is now a dependency for "obmc-phosphor-image".

I know there was some issue with the Robot tests relying on the
dbus-enhanced ipmitool and we are not placing it in the image.  Someone
could write a bitbake recipe for it and add it to the debug-tarball.
Then the ipmitool that goes with a particular flash image will be

Andrew, I don't see the test team on the mailing list.  Can you forward
as appropriate?
Patrick Williams
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