[PATCH linux 3/4] drivers/fsi: Add link presence detect functionality

Patrick Williams patrick at stwcx.xyz
Thu Aug 4 04:04:38 AEST 2016

On Wed, Aug 03, 2016 at 12:26:08PM -0500, Christopher Bostic wrote:
> > Is there a reason this is an array of longs, and not a u64?
> >
> This was written when the only host CPU was 32 bit.   Question going
> forward is what platforms will we
> support.   Is compiler smart enough to allow use of u64 in any case?

Yes, you can use an u64 on a 32bit platform and GCC will emit "the
right" code.  If you are doing 64 bit arithmetic it may emit more than
one instruction, but for bit-masking like this it will probably do it as
if it were 32bit words anyhow.  Using u64 yourself saves you trouble of
having to express it.

Patrick Williams
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