Aspeed 2500 EVB i2c transaction time out

Joel Stanley joel at
Mon Aug 1 22:17:54 AEST 2016

On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 9:09 PM, Shay Slobodkin <shays at> wrote:
>> Sorry for the distraction here, it was a bit of a long shot. Building that branch
>> without further patching probably would not have muxed what you needed,
>> but it also should not have had the bugs you pointed out. I think Joel was
>> intending to push out a branch to support the extra i2c
>> bus(es) you need. Joel?
> Thank you Andrew.
> By the way, we do see I2C time out issues, when trying transactions to LM75.
> Joel, is there any update regarding the code? When is it supposed to be published?
> We can assist with testing, if you have some half backed code to share.

I've been working on it, but other responsibilities have been slowing
down progress. I expect to get it out this week. I will email the list
when I do.

It would be great to see your progress. Publish early, publish often :)



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