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Wed Apr 20 00:56:15 AEST 2016


We have some general questions from our latest experience with the project:

1. We saw some corresponding about out of the box experience and we were wondering how does the BMC should be burnt for the first time in production. Currently we have limited speed of debug UART on AST2520, also Aspeed recommend to use this interface for debug purpose only. We also faced a problem to burn BMC using Abatron BDI3000, does anyone have experience working with it?

2. Several u-boot versions were mentioned this week at mailing list, we currently use u-boot based on 2013.7 with porting AST2520 stuff from Aspeed EVB u-boot. Can you suggest a u-boot version to merge with?

3. Is there some standard method performing BMC upgrade on site from host CPU? Is there a best practice of upgrade granularity? Meaning, do you suggest to upgrade whole image or maybe just specific partition (only DTB for example)?

4. We saw that most openbmc systems are using jffs2 file system. We thought to use ubifs as it has some advantages over jffs2. Can you share the motivation of using jffs2 for BMC project and is there special reason for doing so?

5. Some Aspeed EVB drivers such as USB, PWM were not ported to openbmc kernel tree yet. We were planning to port them and wonder if there is any special reason they weren't ported yet.

6. Building the project yields a lot of files under the "deploy" folder of build. We were wondering which files to use for simply flashing a system (using flashcp?) and which should be used for production.

Thank you for your assistance,

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