[PATCH openbmc] Update to yocto 2.0.1

Patrick Williams patrick at stwcx.xyz
Tue Apr 19 03:35:10 AEST 2016

On Fri, Apr 01, 2016 at 12:15:58PM +1030, Andrew Jeffery wrote:
> On Thu, 2016-03-31 at 16:20 -0500, OpenBMC Patches wrote:
> This shows that no modifications were made that weren't from upstream
> (i.e. no conflict resolutions or sneaky changes). I also verified that
> c8a4ed9 corresponds to the tag yocto-2.0.1: a nit-pick suggestion would
> be to use the tag name in the range spec instead of the commit id (i.e.
> 7b86c77..yocto-2.0.1). 

The content in the commit message comes from 'git subtree merge'.  I
agree it would be nice if they used tags instead, but I didn't bother
modifying the commit message beyond what the tool does.

> I don't know how it came about that we based
> development off of 7b86c77 (it's not a tag), but `git merge-base`
> suggests that the 2.0.1 directly follows from it and `git branch -r -
> -contains 7b86c77` shows that upstream master contains it, so
> presumably it was the tip of master at some point?

Yes, it was a tip-of-master at some point in the past.

> Anyway, I've build tested it from scratch after merging my qemu
> changes. The build completed successfully but it produced qemu-2.4.0
> rather than a build from the qemu_git.bb I've introduced. Tracking that
> down now, but otherwise, to me, this looks good so far. Once I've boot
> -tested it I'll send a reviewed-by.

Thanks.  I also had Milton do a netboot previously.

Patrick Williams
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