bitesize tag for OpenBMC issues

Jeremy Kerr jk at
Thu Apr 14 14:27:47 AEST 2016

Hi all,

In our continuous effort to lower the barrier-to-entry for OpenBMC
contribution, I've added a 'bitesize' tag to a couple of our
repositories on github.

This tag is intended for issues that could feasibly done by a relative
newcomer to OpenBMC. A few general criteria that I'd suggest we use:

 - Are self-contains and don't require an understanding of multiple

 - Doesn't require in-depth knowledge of OpenBMC internals

 - Doesn't involve long-term design decisions, or external interface

 - Are fairly-completely described by the content of the issue

I don't think all bitesize bugs should necessarily be "easy", but just
well-encapsulated and can provide a starting point for someone with
technical experience in related fields.

For example, we'll be using this for kernel issues that a kernel
developer, with no prior OpenBMC experience, could potentially help out

These issues will then appear in our project-wide query:

- which is referenced in our contributing doc:

So: please feel free to add this label to your bugs & enhancements! If
you'd like to use this on a repo that doesn't already have the label
available, please let Patrick or me know, and we can add it.



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