[NEMO-devel] Renewables.ninja integration

Ben Elliston bje at air.net.au
Sun Aug 28 22:40:54 AEST 2022

Hi all

This weekend, I've finished the work to integrate Renewables.ninja PV
and wind data traces into NEMO. These are implemented as two new
generator classes:

class NinjaPV(RenewablesNinja):
    def __init__(self, polygon, capacity, latlong, daterange, axes,
                 azimuth=180, tilt=None, label=None, build_limit=None):

class NinjaWind(RenewablesNinja):
    def __init__(self, polygon, capacity, latlong, daterange, machine,
                 height, label=None, build_limit=None):

This closely matches the information you can supply directly with a
web browser (https://renewables.ninja), but NEMO will submit these
requests using the API and download the trace data on the fly. There
are a few little issues to work out, but otherwise, it's ready!

I'll merge this work into the master branch in the coming days.


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