[NEMO-devel] CSIRO GenCost data

Ben Elliston bje at air.net.au
Sat Sep 4 22:52:18 AEST 2021

Hi all

Due to the Canberra lockdown, I have managed to find the time to
finally add the CSIRO GenCost data to NEMO. For the 2030, 2040 and
2050 costs, I have included both the low and high end of the capital
cost range. The cost classes are called:

  2020:	     GenCost2021-in2020
  2030:	     GenCost2021-in2030-low	GenCost2021-in2030-high
  2040:	     GenCost2021-in2040-low	GenCost2021-in2040-high
  2050:	     GenCost2021-in2050-low	GenCost2021-in2050-high

I have not included mid-range costs, although these can be added if
there are requests for them. If anyone has any other cost data they
would recommend be included in NEMO, please say so, but it feels like
GenCost is the dominant source these days.


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