[NEMO-devel] Some findings

Ben Elliston bje at air.net.au
Mon Aug 14 16:56:14 AEST 2017

Hi Yusak

On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 03:33:49PM +1000, Yusak Tanoto wrote:

> Timesteps: 8760 h
> Demand energy: 175.2 TWh
> Unused surplus energy: 45.8 TWh
> Timesteps with unused surplus energy: 5358
> Unserved energy: 0.009%
> WARNING: reliability standard exceeded
> Unserved total hours: 12
> Number of unserved energy events: 5
> Shortfalls (min, max): (6.0, 3353.0)
> Score: 124.60 $/MWh
> Penalty: 8946.76 $/MWh
> Constraints violated: unserved
> Done

> What's the  difference between unserved total hours and unserved energy
> events? Is it like in some events, you may have more than 1 hour of
> unserved energy?

Yes, exactly -- an unserved energy event is a contiguous number of
hours of unserved energy.  This was added for someone who wanted to
compute SAIDI and SAIFI.

> How to know in which time or period this event happen?

Yes, it's in the Context object at the end of the run.  It is possible
to print them out.  I gave Nelson code for this if I recall.

> What do you mean with score and what's the difference with LCOE?

Score is the average cost of generation for the entire demand.  Yes,
effectively it is the system LCOE.

> Lastly, what's mean by shortfalls (min, max)

That is the size of the minimum and maximum shortfalls for the
unserved hours (in MW).  I did decide at one point to print these out,
but have never had a lot of use for them.

Cheers, Ben

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