RFC on mem_pieces to LMB work

Jon Loeliger linuxppc at jdl.com
Thu Sep 29 12:15:29 EST 2005


How would you like to accept some work on converting
mem_pieces to LMB?

1) Add LMB to ppc32.
   Convert users of mem_pieces to LMB in ppc32.
   Rip mem_pieces out.
   Later merging will go easier now that mem_pieces is toast.

2) Introduce LMB into arch/powerpc/mm/
   Rip mem_pieces out of arch/powerpc/mm
   As platforms are added to arch/powerpc force LMB-ness on them.

3) Move a platform (MPC 8555 CDS) to arch/powerpc
   Make it build in arch/powerpc
   Accept incremental patches that convert it from mem_pieces to LMB



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