Does iSeries actually use

Geoff Levand geoffrey.levand at
Fri Sep 23 04:42:32 EST 2005

I was doing some more cleanups to arch/ppc64/Makefile and I see 
this line in the current ppc64-2.6.git:

 boottargets-$(CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES) += vmlinux.sminitrd vmlinux.initrd

But there is no make target to actually build vmlinux.sminitrd and, and the only way to specify they be built is to put as a 
target on the make command line.  'make' and 'make install' both will build 
just vmlinux as here:

 bootimage-$(CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES) := vmlinux
 defaultimage-$(CONFIG_PPC_ISERIES) := vmlinux

My question is does PPC_ISERIES need these sm versions, and if so how to build 
them, and if not, does a zImage and zImage.initrd make sense as build targets 
for this platform?


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