[patch 00/11] spufs: latest spufs snapshot for 2.6.14-rc1

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Fri Sep 16 22:16:46 EST 2005

This is an updated version of the SPU file system. Sorry for
the long delay in this, I wanted to get it out much earlier.
In this release, we have many new features, most of all a
scheduler for running an arbitrary number of SPU threads.

This release should still maintain backwards compatibility
with earlier releases, unless the last patch is applied,
which actually removes some of those interfaces.

The next version will no longer contain these interfaces at
all. Since the interfaces and the code are slowly stabilizing
now, I'd like to get this into -mm soon, probably the next
spufs release after this one.
The next release should also move to some location under
arch/powerpc rather than fs/spufs, as suggested by Pekka

	Arnd <><

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