ext3 journalling BUG on full filesystem

Mark Wong markw at osdl.org
Thu Mar 24 03:05:30 EST 2005


I'm running 2.6.11 and I'm suspecting that a full ext3 filesystem is
causing the following problem when performing some journaling
operation.  Let me know if I can provide more details:

cpu 0x6: Vector: 700 (Program Check) at [c0000002e4f3f6d0]
    pc: c0000000000a5fbc: .submit_bh+0x64/0x1fc
    lr: c0000000000a62b4: .ll_rw_block+0x160/0x164
    sp: c0000002e4f3f950
   msr: 8000000000029032
  current = 0xc00000038ff5c7c0
  paca    = 0xc000000000612000
    pid   = 1376, comm = kjournald
kernel BUG in submit_bh at fs/buffer.c:2706!
enter ? for help
6:mon> t
[c0000002e4f3f9f0] c0000000000a62b4 .ll_rw_block+0x160/0x164
[c0000002e4f3fab0] c000000000151ac4 .journal_commit_transaction+0xd88/0x16d4
[c0000002e4f3fe30] c000000000155590 .kjournald+0x114/0x308
[c0000002e4f3ff90] c000000000013ec0 .kernel_thread+0x4c/0x6c

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