PATCH: Add memreserve to DTC

Jon Loeliger jdl at
Sat Jul 16 00:30:58 EST 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-15 at 02:19, David Gibson wrote:

> Ok, I've merged this, 

Excellent, thanks!

> although I've tweaked things substantially in the process.

No problem.

>   I did rename "header_tree" to "boot_info", moved some

Oh, good!

> things around, and changed the syntax.  Reserve ranges can now be
> specified either as an address and length:
> 	/memreserve/	10000000 00002000;
> or as an (inclusive) address range:
> 	/memreserve/	10000000-10001fff;
> I am a bit worried that those two forms may be hard to distinguish at
> a glance.  Any sugggestions for changes to the syntax soon please, I'd
> really like to keep the source syntax as stable as possible.

Oh man.  With syntax you can demystify those in any number
of ways.  Just a matter of what you are wanting.  You can
always add sugar:

    /memreserve_block/    10000000 00002000;
    /memreserve_range/    10000000 10001fff;

    /memreserve/    10000000 /for/     2000;        //  or /size/ ?
    /memreserve/    10000000 /through/ 10001fff;

    /memreserve/    10000000 00002000;
    /memreserve/   [10000000, 10001fff];     // or [10000000, 10002000)?

Stuff like that maybe?


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