RFC/Patch more xmon additions

will schmidt will_schmidt at vnet.ibm.com
Fri Feb 25 07:41:07 EST 2005

Hi Folks,
Am looking for comments on this additional function i've added to xmon 
on the side..

the bulk of my intent was to make it easier for me to poke at memory 
within a particular user process.

I realize that the spacing is a bit screwed up, and the function names 
should eventually change.   Because i couldnt decide on letters for the 
new functions, i put them under a submenu 'w'.

wP will dump info on all processes.

wp 0xabc  will make process with pid 0xabc the active pid. <- active 
only with respect to xmon poking into memory.

wd 0xabcd1234 - will call through the pdg/pmd functions and return the 
kernel address corresponding to 0xabcd1234 within the processes memory 
space location.

wg  will dump gprs of the process/thread.


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