[PATCH/RFC] ppc64: EEH + SCSI recovery (IPR only)]

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Thu Feb 24 12:16:11 EST 2005

> The next patch will put the recovery routines into 
> struct pci_driver.  And we'll go from there... 

"recovery routines" isn't quite clear... what do you have in mind
exactly ? Have you read my previous mails on this issue a couple of
weeks ago on this list ?

There are various issues there, like properly synchronizing drivers
sharing the same bus segment, dealing with drivers that don't support
recovery on the same segment, API suitable for other platforms that do
things differently, etc... etc...

> I *really* would like to hear from Seto or anyone else working
> on this for PCI Express.



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