query related to create_slbe

R Sharada sharada at in.ibm.com
Fri Apr 15 22:42:29 EST 2005

	I was trying to understand the slb code and the creation of slb entries
in the Linux kernel, and came up with a few queries in the process. The code
I am referring to is 2.6.12-rc2-mm3 code-base.

1) in slb.c
within slb_initialize:
	 create_slbe(KERNELBASE, get_kernel_vsid(KERNELBASE), flags, 0);
        create_slbe(VMALLOCBASE, get_kernel_vsid(KERNELBASE),
                    SLB_VSID_KERNEL, 1);
        /* We don't bolt the stack for the time being - we're in boot,
         * so the stack is in the bolted segment.  By the time it goes
         * elsewhere, we'll call _switch() which will bolt in the new
         * one. */
        asm volatile("isync":::"memory");
        get_paca()->stab_rr = SLB_NUM_BOLTED;

=> we seem to be creatig slb entries for kernelbase and vmallocbase (2 entries)
however in mmu.h

#define SLB_NUM_BOLTED          3

=> seems to indicate we are bolting 3 entries. Perhaps I am missing something?  

2) Relating to the same code above, create_slbe seems to take the vsid as an
argument, but never seems to be using it, as seen in the code below:

static inline void create_slbe(unsigned long ea, unsigned long vsid,
                               unsigned long flags, unsigned long entry)
        asm volatile("slbmte  %0,%1" :
                     : "r" (mk_vsid_data(ea, flags)),
                       "r" (mk_esid_data(ea, entry))
                     : "memory" );

=> again, am I missing something?

Thanks and Regards,

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