[0/5] kexec tools for ppc64

R Sharada sharada at in.ibm.com
Thu Apr 14 00:11:57 EST 2005

The following set of files from Milton Miller, provide a basic tools package to
test and use the kexec ppc64 support in kernel. 

The tools package contain the following files
- Makefile
- fs2dt.c
  - This tool creates a flattened device tree from the /proc/device-tree 
- loadem.c
  - This tool loads the kexec kernel and allows to kexec to the new kernel
- v2wrap.S
  - This tool provides the trampoline code for the transition from the old 
    kernel to the new kernel  

The tools package can be downloaded as a tarball from the following link

We are planning to integrate this with kexec-tools package from Eric Biederman.

Thanks and Regards,

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