[PATCH 0/3] kexec for ppc64

R Sharada sharada at in.ibm.com
Thu Apr 14 00:06:05 EST 2005

The patches that follow implement the kexec support for ppc64.

The set contains 3 patches
- ppc64-cleanup-global-interrupt-queue.patch 
   - calls the global queue membership for all cpus (including boot-cpu) 
     and is needed for kexec. Earlier behaviour was to not set the global 
     queue membership for the boot cpu, since that is taken care of, by 
     the Firmware. This however breaks for kexec, and hence the boot cpu 
     was required to be added into the global queue at boot.

   Initial hack written by self, and later refined and moved into 
   xics.c by Milton Miller.

- ppc64-native-hash-clear.patch 
  - This cleans up the hash tables and invalidates the tlb for native 
    (non-lpar) environment. 
   Written by Milton Miller.

- kexec-ppc64.patch
  - This implements the core of the arch specific support for kexec on ppc64.
    Patch contains information explaining about the design and contents.

   Written by Milton Miller, with a few fixes provided by self.

The patches are created against 2.6.12-rc2-mm3. 

Note: 2.6.12-rc2-mm3 requires a fix (recently posted by Anton on linuxppc64-dev)
for a slb_flush_and_rebolt panic condition)

Test Status:
The code has been tested on:
- Power 4, p630 boxes, in both LPAR and non-LPAR environments
- Power 5, LPAR and non-LPAR environments

Known issues:

- The network interface has to be shut down prior to kexec boot, as otherwise
  the network will fail with EEH errors
- The ipr driver on Power 5 has been seen to intermitenttly throw some reset 
  errors sometimes causing a hang
- On Power 5, the e1000 module also requires to be unloaded along with an
  interface shutdown (ifconfig ethx down)

Please review and provide comments

Thanks and Regards,

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