slb_flush_and_rebolt panic trace in 2.6.12-rc2-mm3

David Gibson david at
Wed Apr 13 14:39:57 EST 2005

On Wed, Apr 13, 2005 at 02:33:57PM +1000, Anton Blanchard wrote:
> Hi,
> > Hello, I was trying to boot the latest kernel version, 2.6.12-rc2-mm3
> > on a p630 box, and found the kernel throwing up this call trace after
> > boot. It does come down to the login prompt, but keeps throwing out
> > the below call trace when you attempt to do any operations on the box.
> The new irqs on scheduling path looks to have caused this. We cannot
> call switch_slb with interrupts off. This patch should fix it.

Ah, missed that change.  Yes, that would explain it.

Hrm.. if interrupts are now enabled through context_switch(), are we
safe if we were interrupted between switch_mm() and _switch(), where
we update the bolted kernel stack slb?

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