IBM RS/6000 7017-S7A CHRP RS64-II

Raffael Himmelreich raffi at
Fri Apr 8 05:13:54 EST 2005


first of all I want to say that I am not into the PPC64
architecture at all, so please be forgiving.

The machine noticed in the subject is listed as "Working" at
<> , does anybody can give me some
hints for booting Linux on it?

What I have tried so far is crosscompiling a kernel
(x86->ppc64), but when I try booting the kernel the machine throws me
into the system management console after the kernel initialized the
second (of 8) CPUs. The error code on the LCD says something of "no
return value of software" (do not remember, but should be close to

Do I have to care about CHRP/PreP when crosscompiling the kernel
? Have I missed any kernel arguments/.config parameters or
OpenFirmware magic?

Additionally I tried to boot a Suse(?) ppc64 precompiled 2.4 kernel
which hangs after doing prom_init().

I hope someone is willing to enlight me.

PS: please Cc me in follow-ups

best regards,

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