help, trying to invalidate entire icache on 970

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Wed Apr 6 10:28:09 EST 2005

Chris Friesen writes:

> My problem is that I have an application (emulator) that modifies its 
> own instructions but doesn't track the addresses.  Thus I need to flush 
> the entire dcache (on the 970 this is just a "sync"), and invalidate the 
> entire icache.

Current BK now has support for making pages non-executable with
mprotect.  You could mprotect the pages RW to start with and have a
SIGSEGV handler.  When the emulator tries to execute from a page you
will get a SIGSEGV, and you can flush that page (with 32 x dcbst;
sync; 32 x icbi; isync) and then mprotect it RX and return from the
signal handler.  If the emulator writes to it you get another SIGSEGV
and mprotect it back to RW.


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