[PATCH 1/1] build modular usb isd200 with modular ide

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz bzolnier at gmail.com
Sun Oct 24 22:45:53 EST 2004

On Sun, 24 Oct 2004 12:03:19 +0200, Christoph Hellwig <hch at lst.de> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 07:55:36PM -0500, Doug Maxey wrote:
> >
> > Name: inline ide_fix_driveid()
> >
> > Rationale:
> >       This is a fix for bugme.osdl 3819.
> bugme.osdl.org doesn't know of a bug #3819.
> >       With any of the 2.6.9 release flavors (vanilla, mm1, ac3), one
> >       cannot build the usb isd200 module due to the dependency on
> >       ide_fix_driveid() being exported from ide-iops.
> >
> > Description:
> >       When building IDE modular, the current ide_fix_driveid() is
> >       exported from ide-iops.c.  This patch makes the function an inline.
> Still doesn't make any sense. ide_fix_driveid is properly exported from
> ide-iops.c, so you use it from other modules.  The only case that
> doesn't work is modular ide and builtin usb-storage, and the BLK_DEV_IDE
> depency should fix that one.

The new ide_fix_driveid function seems buggy,
ie. it byte-swaps id->max_multsect with id->vendor3.

> If you think that depency is ugly (I do) just copy the routine to
> isd200.c, it's a) too large to inline but b) just a trivial byteswap
> that should need much changes over time.

The dependency is a bug, <linux/ide.h> is for IDE driver only.

Doug, if you kill debugging code in isd200.c then only:


need to be byte-swapped.

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