status of ppc64 patches

Paul Mackerras paulus at
Wed Oct 20 22:10:36 EST 2004

Joel Schopp writes:

> 2.6.9 is now in rc4.  Linus claims that the final 2.6.9 is very close. 
> Thus, I expect the floodgates into mainline to open soon.  I would hope 
> that my patches would be sent on by the architecture maintainers at that 
> time.

And 2.6.9 is now out, and the floodgates are open, and patches are
flowing again.

As far as your patches are concerned, I am aware of two patches that
change things so that we have __boot variants of __pa etc.  However,
your explanation didn't really get me excited about the change.  You
said something about "moving towards hotplug memory" but you didn't
explain why these changes would help with that, or how I should choose
which function to use when I'm making changes in future (that should
actually go in a file somewhere under the Documentation directory), or
why those changes need to go in now.

> I think we should consider bringing another architecture maintainer on 
> board to help spread out the load of reviewing and approving 
> architecture patches.  Somebody like Olof.  Barring that I would like to 
> volunteer some of my own cycles to review some of the current backlog, 
> prioritize them, make sure they still compile/boot, and rebase them.

Help with reviewing, compile/boot testing and rebasing patches is
always welcome. :)  Rebasing is really the responsibility of the
original submitter though, since they generally know what has been
changed and why better than anyone.


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