64 bit compilation and linking - help

Greg Quinn greg.quinn at anu.edu.au
Wed Oct 20 16:09:55 EST 2004

Sorry to intrude on your mailing list. Here at bios.org (Canbia) we've 
just acquired two new p615 machines courtesy of a generous IBM donation, 
and we want to put them to work ASAP.

We've installed a Suse 9 Enterprise Server distribution. I'm trying to 
compile a C application in 64-bit mode, but can't get the compilation to 
succeed. For example ...

cc -o m m.c

prodices a 32 bit executable, ie pointers are 4 bytes. But ...

cc -o m -m64 m.c

dies with a bunch of messages like

> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-suse-linux/3.3.3/../../../../powerpc-suse-linux/bin/ld: 
> skipping incompatible 
> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/powerpc-suse-linux/3.3.3/../../../libc.so when 
> searching for -lc 

We seem to have the 64 bit libraries installed (in /lib64 and 
/usr/lib64), I just need a clue on how to compile and link with them. 
It's probably something very simple, so I'd appreciate 10 seconds of 
somebody's time.

Greg Quinn

(02) 62464523

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