status of ppc64 patches

Nathan Lynch nathanl at
Wed Oct 20 10:22:29 EST 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-19 at 11:52, Joel Schopp wrote: 
> I am concerned that we may be falling behind on reviewing patches in 
> general and if we don't catch up several very deserving patches may miss 
> this next window of opportunity.  The backlog of "New" patches is over a 
> month long now.

> Either this page is out of date or we have a very serious bottleneck 
> problem.  I'm hoping it is the former, but guessing it is the latter.

It looks to me like the backlog is a bit smaller than a first glance at
the page would suggest.  It is somewhat out of date in that several of
the patches that are marked "new" have already been picked up by Linus
or akpm.  I think quite a few of the items in the list do not correspond
to patches that are intended for submission upstream (e.g. there are
several revisions of "Fan control for PowerMac7_3").

> I think we should consider bringing another architecture maintainer on 
> board to help spread out the load of reviewing and approving 
> architecture patches.  Somebody like Olof.  Barring that I would like to 

The fact that a web page is slightly out of date and some minor
non-bugfix patches were not forwarded upstream during the late 2.6.9-rc
series fails to convince me that such a change is needed.

If you feel a patch has been overlooked, it's usually just a matter of
gently nudging one of the maintainers via email or IRC; it Works For Me
(tm) ;)


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