status of ppc64 patches

Joel Schopp jschopp at
Wed Oct 20 02:52:20 EST 2004

2.6.9 is now in rc4.  Linus claims that the final 2.6.9 is very close. 
Thus, I expect the floodgates into mainline to open soon.  I would hope 
that my patches would be sent on by the architecture maintainers at that 

I am concerned that we may be falling behind on reviewing patches in 
general and if we don't catch up several very deserving patches may miss 
this next window of opportunity.  The backlog of "New" patches is over a 
month long now.

Either this page is out of date or we have a very serious bottleneck 
problem.  I'm hoping it is the former, but guessing it is the latter.

I think we should consider bringing another architecture maintainer on 
board to help spread out the load of reviewing and approving 
architecture patches.  Somebody like Olof.  Barring that I would like to 
volunteer some of my own cycles to review some of the current backlog, 
prioritize them, make sure they still compile/boot, and rebase them.

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