New patch for Imac G5

J. Mayer l_indien at
Wed Nov 24 22:58:44 EST 2004


here's the new version of the complete patch I use for the Imac G5.
It includes Bejamin fixes for Shasta SATA initialisation. Here's the
current status of the port:

- Pmac PCI IRQ fix: needed for IDE & SATA on Imac G5
- Ethernet PHY failure if the cable is plugged during (re)boot
- RTC works.
- SMU management: support for reboot and shutdown
- Bad detection of frame-buffer virtual res in riva-fb:
  should use xres=1440 yres=900 & virtual_xres=1536 
- Have to unplug/replug the USB keyboard after kernel boot to make it
  with kernel 2.6.10-rc1. No such problem with 2.6.9.
  Fixed with kernel 2.6.10-rc2
- Lot's of segfaults occuring when multiple
  concurent processes are running.
  Fixed with kernel 2.6.10-rc2


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