[PATCH 1/2] ppc64: Block config accesses during BIST #3

Milton Miller miltonm at bga.com
Sun Nov 21 09:11:04 EST 2004

Hi Brian.

Sorry it took so long to look at this, but I was totally burried 2 weeks
ago and am just catching up with the fun stuff.

A few comments, mostly 1/2.

0) line numbers are off after Anton's clean up pci controller allocation :)
1) I don't see any reason for adding exports pcibios_*config* routines
2) pci_ops should go in pci-bridge, its private to the arch.  Maybe call
   this block_ops ?
3) in pci_bus_to_host don't worry about searching for the hose, Ben and
   I agree the pci code will always have bus->sysdata when calling
   config routines.  (pci_bus sysdata is copied form parent, and to pci_dev)
4) define a HAVE_PCI_CONFIG_BLOCK or something for the drivers to key on
5) Other places we return 1's we are careful to return the right number
   of them (ie FF, FFFF, or FFFFFFFF depending on size).  (ok _PCI_NOP
   doesn't even set the return).

And last but not least, how it is broken:

6) There is a hose per phb not per bus.   You are not including the bus
   number in your block table.  With a EADS bridge, you are blocking the
   other slots on the same phb.

The real problem with number 6 is that (as mentioned in 5) the bus->sysdata
is not always correct.   We currently use bus->sysdata 2 or 3 places in
arch code, and then later explicitly copy the sysdata down from the phb
(which I think is redundant with 2.6 pci code).   Actually we never use
bus-sysdata except for host bridges (bus->self == NULL) but it is still
copied to the pci devs on hotplug etc so it has to be compatable with 
dev->sysdata aka a OF device node.  

The cleanest is to add this to struct pci_bus but we could also use a word
in struct device_node (call to_OF_node on bus->self, sysdata if NULL) if
needed.   We could also search a list of (bus, mask) pairs or something, but
we don't use many of the 256 possible buses on each PHB.


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