[RFC] Consolidate lots of hugepage code

Anton Blanchard anton at samba.org
Sun Nov 21 02:38:49 EST 2004

Hi wli,

Any progress on this? If not Id like to suggest we get Davids patch into


> Sorry, I don't get complete bugreports myself. If you care to try to
> actually fix something (it's doubtful you yourself are the culprit) I'm
> still trying to reproduce it myself with long-running database tests.
> It's reliably reproducible on the reporters' machines.
> The particular bug is only one piece of evidence. Just asking basic
> questions about what was done for architecture code reveals that
> all this "development" is not paying proper attention to architecture
> code. I merely insist that development toward the end of stabilization
> occur prior to that for large feature work.
> And frankly, I'm rather unimpressed with the gravity of the proposed
> featurework, particularly in comparison to the stability requirements
> of users on typical production systems.
> Nor am I impressed with the quality. The patch presentations have been
> messy, the audits (as mentioned above) incomplete, the benefits not
> clearly demonstrated, and the code itself not so pretty. Just
> respinning the patches so they're properly incremental and the code
> somewhat cleaner (e.g. some recent one nested tabs 5 deep or so)
> would already remedy a large number of the issues with the featurework.
> Once arranged that way the audits' incompleteness can be dealt with by
> those with the fortitude to thoroughly audit and/or prior architecture
> knowledge to correct the patches for arches they don't deal with properly.
> -- wli

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