[PATCH] PPC64: Make pci_alloc_consistent() conform to API docs

Paul Mackerras paulus at samba.org
Fri Nov 19 15:41:50 EST 2004

Olof Johansson writes:

> Documentation/DMA-mapping.txt says that pci_alloc_consistent() needs to return
> a mapping that is aligned by the closest larger order of two as the allocation.
> We're currently breaking this with our iommu code. To fix this, add align_order
> arguments to the relevant functions and pass it down. Specifying align_order of
> 0 gives same behaviour as previous.


Olof tells me that this fix is needed in order for a workaround for a
hardware bug in the e1000 driver to be effective.  Could it go in
2.6.10 please?


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