Booting Imac G5

Segher Boessenkool segher at
Mon Nov 15 20:26:47 EST 2004

>> - Ethernet PHY failure if the cable is plugged
>>   during boot
> Ok, have to check out what's in darwin, there are some bits for the
> Shasta chipset that I haven't adapted yet.

The PHY is sort-of new (it's on the Vesta chip).

>> - No RTC
> RTC is probably in the SMU...

It is.

>> - Have to unplug/replug the USB keyboard
>>   after kernel boot to make it work with kernel
>>   2.6.10-rc1. No such problem with 2.6.9.
> There have been various USB related issue in 2.6.10-rc*, have you tried
> the latest bk ?

Do you have an url for that?  USB is misbehaving on my 7,2 as well.

>> - Lot's of segfaults occuring when multiple
>>   concurent processes are running, especially
>>   during compilations. Maybe the RAM is bad
>>   (I'm trying to port memtest86 to check this)
>>   or the CPU state is not completely saved /
>>   restored when rescheduling: it seems not
>>   to occur when compiling without doing
>>   anything else concurently.
>> Do you have any idea about the last point ? Could this be Altivec
>> context save / restore problems ?
> I very much doubt it has anything to do with CPU context
> saving/restoring... Could be lots of different things, difficult to say
> at this point. Thermal problem ? Clock chip setup problem ? Bad
> RAMs ? ...

Doesn't sound like a hardware problem, as it only occurs if he is
running multiple processes...

Or maybe it is...  try running without X?


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