[PATCH 1/1] rtas_flash_4gig

Jake Moilanen moilanen at austin.ibm.com
Tue Nov 9 08:14:59 EST 2004

> OK, but I don't see that we make any attempt at all to try to make
> sure the memory for the block list pages is below 4G.  I also don't
> see where we check the ibm,flash-block-version property (to see if we
> can in fact use a linked list of headers) or where we check that the
> pages we are using don't overlap OF's memory (i.e. real-size bytes
> starting at real-base).

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the ibm,flash-block-version will always be
1 if we have ibm,update-flash-64-and-reboot (from 270 onwards), and if
we don't have the ibm,update-flash-64-and-reboot, we will not have
gotten to this point anyways.

The block list pages do not have the restriction of being under 4G. They
just have to be page aligned and not cross a LMB.  Since we only
allocate one page for every memory block using get_zeroed_page, that
should be fine.  

Why do you feel we need to check if the pages overlap OF's memory?  
We won't be flashing until well after OF is out of the picture.


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