G5 two SCSI hard drive partitioning

ebenoit at hopevale.com ebenoit at hopevale.com
Tue Nov 9 04:03:19 EST 2004

I am not sure if I am on the correct list, so excuse me if this does not relate.

I am installing mandrake 9.1 ppc on a G5 with two SCSI drives the first drive is
36GB and the second is 74GB.

Here is my question:

How can I partition them so that I can have a /home directory of 90GB?

I have tried to use LVM, but have not found enough information to set it up
correctly with other partitions. Plus, it fails with a 'pvcreate failed' error
message.  I thought using linear RAID would do the trick, but again I am a
beginer with both of these partitioning schemes.

Here is what I have tried to accomplish:

bootstrap  | 10mb  | no mount | apple_bootstrap
root       | 2GB   | /        | ext3
swap       | 800mb | swap     | Linux Swap
home       | 90GB  | /home    | LVM

Thank you for your comments and or suggestions,

Hopevale Union Free School District: http://www.hopevale.com

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