Booting Imac G5

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at
Sun Nov 7 07:50:42 EST 2004

> as I can see you wrote the SATA driver for Pmac, you may have an idea of
> what going wrong on the Imac.
> I did activate DPRINTK and VPRINTK in libata and added a few messages.
> It seems that the SET_FEATURES command never completes. So the insmod
> stays blocked but the machine is still fully usable from another shell.
> I attach here the complete dmesg I got when booting.
> Please note that the message:
> "ata_dev_set_xfermode: qc_issue xfer_mode=12" used to be "... xfer=70"
> (note the printk I added is decimal) but I tried to force it to the
> xfer_mode I saw from  ata_host_set_pio trace, and it changed nothing.

Difficult to say at this point... you can try not resetting the PHY
for now (remove the ATA_FLAG_SATA_RESET) from host_flags. Did you look
at Darwin code for anything that may have changed ? Also, I think you
can try lowering the max DMA speed:

 probe_ent->udma_mask = 0x7f;

 probe_ent->udma_mask = 0x3f;


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