"sparse" warnings..

Linus Torvalds torvalds at osdl.org
Mon May 3 14:30:29 EST 2004

On Mon, 3 May 2004, Anton Blanchard wrote:
> Cool. I had a play with sparse on ppc64 when I got bored on a plane
> once. Ive attached what I had back then but it will probably be a big
> mess of rejects these days.

Well, also I've fixed up sparse a lot since you apparently ran it, and I
see that some of your fixes are actually fixing sparse problems, not
problems in the source.

At least the ones I reacted to should be fixed now (ie sparse didn't use
to like having variable names that aliased typedef names, so you renamed
things like "s32" to "_s32". That shouldn't be necessary, and in general I
hate to "fix" kernel stuff that is due to sparse bugs. I'd rather fix
sparse instead).

I haven't been developing sparse seriously for the last few months, but if
you find a case where it complains about valid C code where the complaint
is just nonsensical, feel free to just send a bug-report on it. I do end
up keeping it up-to-date.


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