Bug on syscall error test for 64 bits apps

Benjamin Herrenschmidt benh at kernel.crashing.org
Tue Mar 30 16:56:46 EST 2004

> Bug, actually.
> It refuses all other POWER insns (I used -mppc64, but anything else
> that refuses POWER insns will do).
> Looking deeper into it, the cause is that the L field is defined as
> optional. But it is not. (Ref.: Book I and/or the PEM v2).
> The L field (in binutils) is only used for one other insn: tlbie. But
> tlbie always has two operands (says Book III). But tlbie always has
> one operand (says the PEM).
> Furthermore, tlbiel is defined as having only one operand. But tlbiel
> always has two operands (says Book III). But tlbiel doesn't exist
> (says the PEM).
> I suggest for now, we fix the cmp[l] thing, and make both tlbie and
> tlbiel take either one or two operands.
> If that's okay with you, I'll send some patches shortly.

And break kernel compile ... Hrm, that will not be fun


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