Fw: PCI Hotplug Slot Naming Scheme

John Rose johnrose at austin.ibm.com
Sat Mar 27 04:22:12 EST 2004

Interesting idea.  Given that we're already required to keep up with two
identifiers (linu-style and ibm-style), I'm kinda hesitant to introduce
another arbitrary one.  But along these lines, we could store the
48-char IBM-style name in an "address" or similar attribute.


> > John,
> > The 'acpiphp' ACPI PCI hotplug driver uses a simple 1,2,3,...
> > slot directory naming scheme with the longer linux-style
> > names stored in an 'address' files within each slot directory.
> > If you changed to this simplified slot directory naming
> > scheme you could store both styles in separate files within
> > each slot directory.

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