PCI Hotplug Slot Naming Scheme

Gary Hade garyhade at us.ibm.com
Sat Mar 27 04:10:39 EST 2004

The 'acpiphp' ACPI PCI hotplug driver uses a simple 1,2,3,...
slot directory naming scheme with the longer linux-style
names stored in an 'address' files within each slot directory.

If you changed to this simplified slot directory naming
scheme you could store both styles in separate files within
each slot directory.


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On Fri, Mar 26, 2004 at 10:31:38AM -0600, John Rose wrote:
> Opinions requested.  The PCI Hotplug module currently uses IBM-style bus
> names when naming the PCI Hotplug slots.  These are registered as kobjects,
> and represented by sysfs directories.
> For a particular new hardware platform, to remain unnamed :), a firmware guy
> tells us these names can be up to 48 chars long.  We have been dealing with
> 10 character slot names up to this point.  Our options moving forward are
> 1) Continue to use ibm slot names, for which the hotplug directory could
>    look like:
>    # ls /sys/bus/pci/slots
>    ..   U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C1  U7879.001.DQD0027-P1-C2
>    U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C2  U7879.001.DQD0027-P1-C3
>    U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C3  U7879.001.DQD0027-P1-C4
>    U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C5  U7879.001.DQD0027-P1-C5
>    U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C6  U7879.001.DQD0027-P1-C6
>    U7311.D11.104CE9A-P1-C7  U9117.570.104F3DC-V1-C0
>    These are just 23 chars long, imagine 48.
> 2) Use linux-style bus names, as in xxxx:xx:xx:x.  This is more consistent
>    with other PCI Hotplug implementations, and the names are always 12 chars
>    long.
> Although it's late in the game to be asking such questions, we'd rather change
> things now if necessary than after this functionality ships.  Thoughts?
> Thanks-
> John

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