Nathan Fontenot nfont at
Tue Mar 23 04:51:23 EST 2004

I haven't received any comments on this patch.  Does anyone have
objections to it going into Ameslab?


On Thu, 2004-03-18 at 17:49, Nathan Fontenot wrote:
> Just wanted to put out an updated version the eeh patch, one that
> I can push to Ameslab.  I hope.  Thanks to everyone for their
> help in working on this code.
> This patch updates a few things.
> - The need for rpaphp to be built into the kernel is gone.  Code
> was added to let rpaphp register a mechanism with eeh to do the
> disabling of the slot.
> - The disable_slot routine is back to static.  As Greg pointed
> out, having a routine called disable_slot become a global symbol
> become a global symbol is not a good idea.  Especially since this
> is a very arch specific routine.
> -Instances of __pa() are replaced with virt_to_phys()
> -Moves the slot_errbuf and slot_errbuf_lock off of the stack.
> As always, all comments are welcome.  thanks.
> -Nathan F.
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