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Greg KH greg at
Sat Mar 20 08:13:01 EST 2004

On Fri, Mar 19, 2004 at 03:03:47PM -0600, linas at wrote:
> > PCI Express handles this kind of functionality.  And as I already have a
> > PCI Express box sitting next to me right now, this kind of functionality
> > is not limited to the PPC64 platform anymore.
> Hmm. OK. So... is there anyone else that you know of who is interested
> in adding this function to the Linux kernel?

There are a number of Intel people working on the PCI Express support
for this.  Try asking on linux-kernel

> How does one go about getting the pci-X spec?

You mean PCI Express, right?  It's very different from PCI X :)

> I went to the website, discovered that I had to be a member of the
> consortium to get my hands on the goodies ...

You are a member, due to your employeer.  I'll send you a copy off-list.


greg k-h

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