OpenFirmware devices and hotplug events

Dave Hansen haveblue at
Thu Mar 18 05:56:27 EST 2004

On Wed, 2004-03-17 at 10:33, John H Rose wrote:
> >  The "ibm,drc-indexes" is a single node in the OpenFirmware tree,
> > but why does it need to be one in the sysfs tree?
> Currently, /proc/device-tree lays things out in a way that is
> consistent w/ device tree structure. One directory per node, one file
> per property. What you're describing would obscure this. IMHO, there's
> something to be said for having a faithful representation of the
> kernel's device tree in userspace, even if some consider procfs passe.

OK, got it.  See Greg's comment about the firmware interfaces and sysfs.

BTW, there is a relatively well placed set of people that also consider
/proc passe, especially new interfaces that use or encourage its use.
Those people stand a good chance of keeping any unjustified expanding
use of /proc out of the kernel.  Is this a concern, or is it more
important to get features into distribution kernels, and leave mainline
until later?

-- dave

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