OpenFirmware devices and hotplug events

Anton Blanchard anton at
Wed Mar 17 09:25:44 EST 2004

> Eeek!  Hm, I thought this tree was moved under /sys/firmware which is
> where it rightly belongs.  If that is done, then you get all the hotplug
> events you could ever ask for, for free :)

Basically we want a mechanism to receive EEH errors in userspace and
decide whether we can recover from them by hotplugging the device.

EEH errors are PCI errors. eg we get a target abort on a slot, the
hardware locks the slot out and we get notification. Its possible this
is a transient fault and we should reset the card (ie hotplug it out and
in). If it happens to much we want to deconfigure the card.

This policy obviously lives in userspace. How do you suggest we hook it

> Is anyone working on moving this tree to sysfs?

Not at the moment. Too many things refer to it. We'll remove
/proc/device-tree the day you get rid of /proc :)

But seriously it would be nice to merge sysfs and the device-trr, we
can look at this in 2.7.


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