_IO_IS_ISA question

Jake Moilanen moilanen at austin.ibm.com
Tue Mar 16 09:35:16 EST 2004

In eeh.h, on all of our eeh_in/outb calls there is a check to see if the
port is under 64k, and if it is we assume it's an ISA address.  Isn't it
legal for a port to be under 64k and be in PCI space?

For instance:

static inline u8 eeh_inb(unsigned long port) {
        u8 val;
        if (_IO_IS_ISA(port) && !_IO_HAS_ISA_BUS)
                return ~0;
        val = in_8((u8 *)(port+pci_io_base));
        if (!_IO_IS_ISA(port) && EEH_POSSIBLE_IO_ERROR(val, u8))
                return eeh_check_failure((void*)(port), val);
        return val;

Why do we have:

	if (_IO_IS_ISA(port) && !_IO_HAS_ISA_BUS)
		return ~0;


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