request_firmware_nowait question

Michael Anderson mjanders at
Tue Mar 9 07:09:52 EST 2004

I'm hoping to gather a little info on the request_firmware_nowait

I am working on implementing the request_firmware interface into the icom
serial device driver.  There are a set of firmware images (3) that are
needed for the adapter to operate.  Currently, the images are in the icom.h
file.  The firmware images are loaded at module init time.  So my first
question is, would I need to use the _nowait variant of the
request_firmware interface?  The _nowait variant appears to spawn a thread
which leaves me wondering how best to synchronize with the icom driver when
the firmware loads complete.  As I mentioned there are 3 firmware images
that need to be loaded, one following the other, can not overlap.  So the
icom device driver will need status on when the asynchronous _nowait
finishes on the final image.

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