[PATCH] pci_dev to device_node fix

Jake Moilanen moilanen at austin.ibm.com
Sat Mar 6 00:48:20 EST 2004

> I don't like the workaround, this isn't 2.4, we are trying to do
> things cleanly in 2.6 ;)
> Why can't we fix the assumption that devfn 0 == phb in the first
> place ? That is, what piece of code relies on it and what would it
> cost to fix it ?

The problem is, what do you set it to.  A PHB doesn't have a devfn.  You
can't set it to -1, because there are sections of the code that will
mask the devfn w/ 0xff and cause the same problem if there is a bridge
is at devfn 0xff on a particular bus.  The only clean way is to add an
extra field in to note that this device_node is a PHB.  That way it can
ignore the devfn.


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