lparcfg.c comments

Julie DeWandel jdewand at redhat.com
Tue Mar 2 08:15:11 EST 2004

I was merging the SPLPAR changes for lparcfg.c into our version of the
code when I noticed a few things. Here they are:


    * parse_system_parameter_string kmallocs some buffers
      ("local_buffer",  "workbuffer") but kmalloc could fail and return
      a NULL. The code needs to check for this rather than to
      potentially reference a null pointer.


    * h_get_ppp, h_pic, and h_purr are declared as returning an unsigned
      int. However, these functions always return 0 and that value is
      never checked by the caller. Suggest declaring them as returning a
    * h_get_ppp, h_pic, h_purr, and parse_system_parameter_string aren't
      called from elsewhere. Suggest making them static.
    * parse_system_parameter_string declares things like "workbuffer",
      "idx", "w_idx" in the middle of the code which isn't appreciated
      by the compiler. Suggest declaring them at the top of the function
      or top of the code block they are used within.
    * both lparcfg.c and viopath.c declare the same function: e2a.
      Suggest making one of them non-static (the one in viopath.c) and
      eliminating the one from lparcfg.c.


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