Build Tools Problem

Eric V Van hensbergen ericvanhensbergen at
Wed Jun 2 03:50:55 EST 2004

Managed to fix my bi-arch problems.  Tracked it down to libraries being
searched in the wrong order by ld.  Resolved by changing the following
lines in /opt/biarch/tools/biarch-3.4/usr/lib/../lib64/ (and

        GROUP ( /opt/biarch/tools/biarch-3.4/lib/
/opt/biarch/tools/biarch-3.4/usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a )
        GROUP ( /opt/biarch/tools/biarch-3.4/lib/

Kernel now compiles clean as does the other applications in which we were
experiencing the realloc assert problem.  Not sure what I did wrong to get
this behavior in the first place, or if this is the best fix for the
problem, but I figured I'd post here for others who might be frustrated by
this problem.


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